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Elders Say Program

The Elders Say Program is a history and culture program that was created in 2017 in order to increase Cree language programming. The Elders Say program consists of current issues mixed with historic materials and stories from our elders. Working with our elders to retrieve legends that were handed down will ensure that these legends and stories are passed on to the new generation. The program runs once a week for an hour and is designed in collaboration with community elders and the Wemindji radio team. Subjects and themes vary depending on the knowledge of the elder involved in the program.

Awash Children's Program

We have also reached out to the community and have regularly invited children from the daycare to do live shows on the radio. Initially we have worked with them to playlists, but so far, they seem to enjoy singing live on the radio. This new collaboration allows them to have fun, while also familiarizing themselves with the radio and telecommunications environment. This program is much appreciated not only by the children but also by our community members. Together with the Elders Say Program, Wemindji Radio has build intergenerational programming, while also strengthening community participation in increasing Cree language programing.

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Regular Programming

The following represent our regular schedule. Please note that the schedule is tentative and may change without notice due to events, meetings and other occasions.

If you have any suggestions or comments about our programming, please contact us.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
9:00 AM Country Innu New Country Country Variety Bluegrass Gospel
10:00 AM Country Innu Country Country Pop/HipHop Classic Country Gospel
11:00 AM Variety Elders Say Variety Variety Variety Variety Reruns
1:00 PM Classic Rock Pop/HipHop Variety Throw back Thursdays Flashback Classics Gospel
2:00 PM Variety Rock Rock Throw back Thursdays 70's 80's Gospel
4:00 PM Reruns Reruns Reruns Reruns Reruns Reruns Reruns
5:00 PM Reruns Reruns Reruns Reruns Reruns Reruns Reruns
6:00 PM Reruns Reruns Reruns Reruns Reruns Reruns Reruns
7:00 PM Variety Pop/HipHop Variety Variety Rock Show Country Show Gospel
8:00 PM Bingo Rock Requests Bingo Rock Show Country Show Easy Listening
9:00 PM Bingo Rock Requests Bingo Heavy Metal Variety Variety
10:00 PM Bingo Reruns Reruns Bingo Reruns Reruns Reruns
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